Best Music Streaming Services for Your 4G LTE Smartphone

June 14, 2022

Music can be our best companion for those long trips or to lighten our daily work, which is why it will always be good to have an application on our Smartphone that will get us out of trouble.

Stream music services become an immediate solution, so you do not have problems accessing millions of songs in a second, without wasting memory on your phone and best of all, without neglecting the sound quality.

Unlimited Subscription Music: The New Trend

The internet has achieved a significant evolution in music, as we could see previously with the magnetic tape cassettes they were forgotten to welcome CDs and then they evolved to MP3 files on disk, to increase the number of songs and now maintaining a digital format, there is another new trend.

Music on demand is today, have immediate access to millions of songs in a few seconds and without having to worry about the space on your device and you only have to make a monthly payment to have the full service, although for the benefit of many the Most can work for free with some restrictions and here we will recommend some for all types of tastes.


Possibly the most popular service that exists in our country, with a free service that can be enjoyed on a PC or some device with Android, Windows Phone or iOS and if you want to be part of the Premium service you should only pay 99 MXN and as advantages we can listen offline music, we will remove the ads and improve the sound quality.

Google Play Music

Google could not be left behind with this service available for the Web, Android and iOS with the possibility of adding our iTunes music to the collection, in addition to having access to millions of songs without advertising and adapting to any mood. It has a 30-day free trial and its cost is 99 MXN per month.


One of the most interesting bookstores in the world, offering you a variety of content such as podcast or news that makes it very attractive, the free service allows us to listen and comment without limits, even download files, for those seeking to upload their content without limits. They can pay 15 USD a month and it has applications for Windows Phone, iOS and Android, making the most of it on a PC.


With more than 35 million songs, it is one of the great services that have a free subscription, with basic limitations such as commercials or sound quality, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the Premium + service without limits has a monthly price from 99 MXN.


Listen to music and video at no cost directly on the service’s website or with the application available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android with the possibility of watching live concerts or leaving VevoTV with 24 hours of music without any problem, receiving recommendations based on to your tastes.


Free and online music is the way they are described, one of the oldest services can be enjoyed directly on its website, but if we pay 9 USD a month we would have Grooveshark VIP with the Android application, eliminating advertising and with the possibility of listening to music offline.

Sound tracker

One of the most complete services that can be found for iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Store offers us a free service in which they will connect to our social networks and thereby recognize our tastes to offer us a very comprehensive catalog and with your Premium service for only 9 USD a month.


A song for every mood, this service is perfect for that, away from the big commercial songs, available in web version or for iOS and Android for free to transform our mood with a good playlist.


A service that lives up to its name and for free we can have access to stations to listen to predetermined lists on our devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, with the unlimited service for MXN 99 with access to albums and playlists , without ads.

TuneIn Radio

Radio also evolves and TuneIn is one of the great services that we can find for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and various smart televisions. We will have access to more than 100 thousand live radio stations or be able to listen to the most popular podcasts, for free, it has its pro version that we can find at 129 MXN and will offer us more playback functions such as increasing the quality of sound and being able to record a program to listen to later.


Internet radio has a very special use with this service, since people are the ones who create the different stations, maintaining a classic style of a cassette with 8 songs or more, taking advantage of the different styles of each person, we will find it free in web version and in its applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Music Unlimited

Sony also has a special service and this will be very attractive for those who have any of the PlayStation consoles, we will have a 30-day trial for free and then we will pay a subscription of 4.49 USD and we will be able to enjoy millions of songs on our PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Bravia Televisions, without forgetting the devices with Android and iOS.

Xbox music

For those who have an Xbox console, they can use their music service that is free for PS with Windows 8 and if we want to pay we can use the Xbox Music Pass service that can be heard on our iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Xbox 360 / One with a cost of 99 MXN and also have access to 70 thousand videos.

Final Word

So friends those are the best music streaming services that we can find for most styles and devices with very special characteristics. Hope you enjoy the article go and stream your favorite song. Thank you so much.