Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines take on clients in the Waco Texas area, turning their fixer uppers into the homes of their dreams.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Joanna Gaines , Chip Gaines

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Fixer Upper
"Chip and Joanna show Doug and Lacy three homes in their price point in the expensive Castle Heights neighborhood of Waco. This is an area known for big and to get in, they need to find the Fixer Upper. Once the family chooses, the Gaines design and rebuild their dream home: keeping all the old charm of this classic neighborhood while creating a brand new, upgraded home. Along the way the couple gives tips on how anyone can achieve their own fixer transformation."
"Joanna and Chip introduce clients Charmaine and Chuck to the historic Sanger Heights neighborhood. The young family wants to be a part of the revitalization efforts of this once thriving community where many of the homes are either vacant or dilapidated. Have they taken on more than they bargained for? Joanna and Chip will have their work cut out for them and will have to use every bit of their vision and know-how to take on what could be an enormous project."
"Chip and Jo take clients Becky and Heath Ivy to the suburbs of Woodway, Texas in search of a contemporary home for their growing family and Heath's thriving business. They tour three houses with three completely different styles and three unique construction challenges for Chip and Jo. Will they choose the ugly all-brown water-damaged house with the great location, the 1960s traditional with a detached man-cave or the 1970s funky fixer upper with an atrium at the center? After moving eight times, the Ivys are ready to stay put in the right place. The pressure is on for Chip and Jo to renovate a retro residence into the Ivy's last home."
"Chip and Jo's client Carolyn Muska is rebuilding her life after losing her home and her husband. The Gaines show Carolyn three Fixer Uppers in her hometown of West, Texas, a tight-knit community still recovering from a devastating fertilizer plant explosion that killed fifteen people and destroyed several homes, including Carolyn's. As Chip and Joanna finish up their own dream home, they put hard work, heart and soul into finding their courageous client her perfect Fixer Upper."
"Joanna and Chip's clients - Dr. Jeff Sanders, wife Michelle and their two teens are a fun active family who enjoy entertaining, adventure, and travel. They want to downsize to a casual country home that offers European flair with easy access to Lake Waco. But will their sizable $650,000 dollar budget be enough to find French Country in Waco, Texas? It'll take every penny and all the Gaines' creative gusto to transform this fixer upper from traditional Texas to Old World."
"Chip and Joanna Gaines take a tour with clients Clint and Kelly Harp through the Brook Oaks neighborhood. The Harps are big city transplants looking for a house with an urban feel. Clint works long hours creating custom carpentry and furniture for Magnolia Homes and wants a house close to his business so he can be close to his young family. Joanna describes the Harps as fearless and adventurous introducing them to a range of homes from conventional to disastrous. Will the Harps choose the almost move-in ready traditional or charmer home? Or will they take on a house affectionately called, The Beast, by Joanna who fears a crime scene is buried in the debris. Chip says the house needs not only a demolition but also an exorcism. It'll be a lot of sleepless nights for all parties if this courageous couple takes on The Beast."
"Chip and Joanna Gaines look at three houses with John and Margie Bowman in the McGregor neighborhood just outside of Waco. The Bowmans are excited about returning to their Texas roots after leaving Oklahoma. They're looking for a house with some Texas flair that's not too 'buckaroo' for John and informal enough for Margie. After living in a motel for months, this family of five and their two dogs are anxious to move from suitcase to sanctuary as soon as possible. But as unexpected repairs show up on this fixer upper, it means construction delays for Chip and Jo and a budget-busting ten percent increase for the Bowmans."
"Chip and Jo take a tour with single mom Karla Griffis through the Castle Crest neighborhood of Waco, Texas. After a difficult divorce, Karla's ready to move on from the hardest time of her life to the happiest. Chip calls Castle Crest the Heartbeat of Waco, where every home has its own charm and unique story - an ideal place for new beginnings. Can Chip and Jo create the perfect home for Karla's new life while they go through their own transition? Watch the surprises unfold as Chip approaches a big birthday and Jo's present puts her in peril!"
"Heather, Andrew and Steven McCall ask the Gaines to help them find a retreat for their missionary parents. Dr. Tim McCall and his wife Janice run an orphanage in Uganda, living almost year-round in a 160-square-foot home. They're entrusting their kids and the Gaines to find them a comfortable refuge for their biannual visits to Waco. But their sanctuary may be out of reach, as unexpected structure problems challenge a modest budget and add stress to an already tight timeline. The drama continues as the Gaines run into a serious permit problem that could be a deal breaker for this fixer upper. Can the Gaines battle bureaucracy and complete the McCall's home in time for their short sabbatical?"
"Rachel and Andrew Erwin are asking Chip and Jo to find them a home in the Viking Hills neighborhood where 'for sale' signs are rare. It's a place where people live but never leave. But the Gaines are determined to find the young family their dream home showing them three houses that are as diverse as Rachel's taste. Rachel likes a rustic feel with a delightful contrast of pops of color. Andrew wants space inside and out to accommodate his towering physique and his passion for the outdoors. Will they pick the stately colonial house with the wagon wheel light fixture, the split-level retro with the strange bathroom or the claustrophobic house loaded with louver doors? The Gaines have their work cut out for them, but Chip keeps it fun finding ways to lighten up Jojo's sometimes serious side - this time clothed in some daring duds."
"A biochemistry professor and his family want a home with many bedrooms and a lot of acreage that can accommodate a growing brood."
"The Gaines help a doctor find a home in Waco, Texas, for herself and her new husband, who will arrive at a later time."
"Chip and Joanna Gaines are helping their client Dr. Marla Hendricks find a home in Waco for her and her new husband. These baby boomers fell in love later in life but are young at heart seeking a home that will fit their active lifestyle. Marla is a veterinarian and an ultra runner who wants to be near Cameron Park, an outdoor enthusiast's paradise and a great playground for her pets. She's returning to Waco after a hiatus in California where she met her husband David, an avid mountain biker and businessman. David will join his bride in a month, and is entrusting Marla, her sister Gail and the Gaines to find them the perfect fixer upper. Chip and Jo are excited about working with Marla but nervous about David's absence. And Chip is extra anxious about David's avocation, a job that scrutinizes the nuts and bolts of what Magnolia's all about. And how will David react when the Hendricks' fixer upper is revealed to him for the very first time?"
Season 3 - Fixer Upper
"The Dansby family currently lives in Hillsboro, TX, but their house is too small for their three growing sons. Chip and Jo found three houses that might provide the Dansbys with the space and character they're looking for."
"Baylor alumni Lori and Baron live in Houston, but want to purchase a second home in Waco with the hope that their 12-year-old son will continue the family's legacy. They are looking for a house full of character, but on budget."
"A family of four wants a fixer-upper in McGregor, TX, to turn into an open-concept dream home."
"While touring houses with a young couple in a previous episode of Fixer Upper, Joanna secretly falls in love with one of the houses they visit. The couple ends up choosing another house, and now Joanna knows this is her chance to sell Chip on her latest crazy idea. She surprises Chip and brings him back to the house, sharing with him her vision of turning the old Victorian beauty into a bed and breakfast. Her excitement is contagious and Chip can't resist the lure of another fixer upper challenge. In the midst of the last-minute construction and holiday chaos, Chip and Joanna invite their families to be the first guests at the new B&B. Will they be able to finish in time for Christmas?"
"Chip and Joanna remember their favorite houses and share never-before-seen bloopers and outtakes from all three seasons of Fixer Upper."
"The McKenzies want a new place close to their church, the kids' schools and a grocery store. Chip and Joanna Gaines help them find a promising house with an open concept and plenty of room for their three kids to play."
"The Meeks are hoping to find a home on several acres of land so they can raise their kids in the spirit of country living. Will Chip and Jo surprise them with an outside-the-box rural renovation?"
"Sterling and Casey inherited a 2,000-acre ranch with a house that has been abandoned for ten years. They hope Chip and Joanna can restore the house to its former glory."
"Baylor sweethearts return to their alma mater to settle down and buy their first fixer-upper for under $235,000."
"A young couple with a baby girl is looking for a family-sized house with 3-4 bedrooms and a playroom\/home office. With Chip and Johanna, they tour three homes near Waco, TX, and take one from lackluster to charming."
"Chip and Jo are looking for a property for David Ridley, one of Waco's most eligible bachelors. They find him a spacious lakeside home and transform it into a modern ranch."
"A California couple wants a charming fixer-upper in Waco to be near their kids at Baylor. They are looking for a three-bedroom, two-bath house full of original detailing and shiplap for under $175,000."
"Ken and Kelly Downs are a recently wed couple looking for a home they can both call their own. They've outgrown Ken's small bachelor pad and hope to find a place that reflects both of their individual styles. With a budget of $250,000 in Waco, Texas, they are looking for a home with wood floors, an open kitchen, and his and hers office space. The first house they visit is the \"Chalk Ranch House,\" named after the large chalkboard wall in one of the bedrooms. Kelly isn't a fan of the brick exterior, but she agrees that a little paint would be a great improvement. The second house, the \"Cutie Tudor,\" is quaint and only needs relatively few updates. It already has a layout convenient for a large master suite, but the biggest project would be renovating the kitchen. The last house is a wild card that Chip throws into the mix. He calls it the \"Three Little Pigs House\" because it seems so old and weathered, a stiff wind could blow it down like the wolf in the children's folk tale."
"Chris and Lindy are tired of moving and have decided to settle down near their family in Hewitt, Texas. Chip and Joanna find a rural ranch and convert it into a breezy beach-style home for the couple."
"Cameron and Jessie love the cozy charm of small-scale living, but want a place of their own. Chip and Joanna turn an abandoned tiny house into a modern living space for the adventurous couple."
"A single foster mother wants to find the ideal environment to raise children, and gets help from her twin sister for the decision."
"Cody and Katie have decided to move back to Waco with their young kids. Raising a young family, they hope to find a 3-4 bedroom house with a large backyard in Waco, Texas; strange abodes visited include the Chicken House, the Outhouse and the Wizard of Waco house. They are hoping to find a house with three or four bedrooms and a large backyard for under $185,000."
"In this season finale, Chip & Joanna throw a 'silobration' for the grand opening of the Magnolia Silos and renovate the next door innkeepers' house for the Magnolia Bed and Breakfast managers."
Season 4 - Fixer Upper
"Andrew and Brittany are first-time buyers; they're looking for a home with plenty of space for their beloved pooches."
"Chip and Jo work their magic for a family with two recently adopted girls."
"Chip and Jo add a fresh, functional design to a dated ranch home in Waco."
"With two grown kids out of the house, John and Stephanie Eberle agree it's time to downsize and look for the perfect place to relax as they enter retirement. Chip and Johanna take them on a tour of vastly different homes in hopes of satisfying some of their priorities that include a large kitchen, a nice living space and a location that's near amenities while in a quiet neighborhood. They narrow their search to two homes with excellent views in peaceful surroundings but will one home's need of major renovations influence their decision?"
"Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Baylor Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III, reaches out to Chip and Joanna for help renovating the home of a veteran in the Waco community. When Robert's Family of III Foundation learns that the home of Vietnam veteran Bill Graham and his wife is too small and not easily accessible, they want to help. Chip and Joanna are honored to be a part of the project, and with the help of RGIII, the US Army and the entire community, they're able to transform the lives of this sweet couple by giving them the home of their dreams."
"A family of three moving from Texas to Colorado wants a slower pace, big acreage and a home with modern flare unavailable where they're coming from."
"Empty nesters Kelvin and Culetta want a home for their children and grandchildren, and get help from their professional football player son."
"A friend and fellow designer who's expecting a baby enlists Chip and Joanna to renovate her family home before the due date."
"Chip and Joanna have a longtime friend who has a dream of living in a houseboat on Lake Waco. With an all-in budget of $85,000, the trio tour some of the available options and then face plenty of design challenges as they take on a tight space that, hopefully, floats."
"Chip and Jo turn a vacant floral shop into a charming bakery; the silos get finished, but the abandoned building on the corner of the property is a blank slate in need of major renovation."
"San Diego transplants Mary and Dustyn are on the hunt for their family's dream home in Waco, Texas, and they're looking for a four-bedroom with a large yard and open space for hosting."
"After being away from Waco, Texas for six years, Will and Lauren return to raise their two daughters in the house of their dreams."
"Jordan and Rachel dream of moving to the country with their three children, and enlist the help of Chip and Joanna after their contract falls through on another property in hopes of a second chance at country living."
"Jenny and Ramil are moving to Waco, Texas, from California to be closer to Ramil's mother, and look for something that needs work despite initial concerns."
"With the silos and bakery finished, Chip and Jo get ready to hit the flipping market again, and they get to work on an outdated home in the heart of Waco, Texas."
"A California couple looks for three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with an open floor plan and big yard for their family in sleepy Crawford, Texas. After a rocky start, the couple eventually finds a property that is anything but a dream home. They have high hopes that Chip and Joanna can work their magic on it, but it's going to need total overhaul, making it one of the Gaines' biggest transformations ever!"
Season 5 - Fixer Upper
"Matt and Samantha Hardy are looking to move from Austin to Waco, Texas and buy their first house together."
"Bryce and Emily Sandvall want a new home for their family of five in the Woodway area that's not only right for their family but also has a traditional design style that they love."
"After looking at houses for months with no luck, Gayle and Tim Jackson need help to find a new place for their family of four that has four bedrooms and three bathrooms that, ideally, can be renovated within their budget."
"Chip and Joanna take on a historical project for Courtney and Joey Scrivano, who are ready to upgrade from their modest loft to a house where they can raise their new baby; the 1927 Tudor home is outdated and lacks a true master suite."
"Chip and Joanna work with the Aguilar family to find a forever home that fits their family of four and reflects their personal style."
"Chip and Jo return to their roots and work to give a home a clean, new look, until Jo decides she wants her sister and brother-in-law to buy the house."
"Chip and Jo meet with a client who just purchased a 1950s bungalow hoping to make it her forever home after losing her husband to cancer."
"A couple moves from Oregon to Waco, Texas, and enlists Chip and Jo to transform their bland, outdated home."
"Chip and Joanna team up with their friend Jimmy Don to transform a bland little house into a modern mountain cabin for his son; special guest First Lady Laura Bush helps with the finishing touches."
"Chip and Joanna team up with Tim Tebow and his foundation to create a wheelchair accessible home for the Copp Family."
"A couple has narrowed down their search to three homes that would work for their family of five. They task Chip and Jo with determining which house has the most renovation potential for their all-in budget of $850,000. Once they pick their house, Chip and Jo get to work transforming the house into a French country-meets-traditional style retreat. But with two large living rooms, two dining areas, and a brand new sunroom, will they be able to reach the finish line on time?"
"Chip and Jo decide to build a large garden at the farm with their children; the garden will contain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers as well as a chicken coop, a chicken run and a cottage-style garden shed."
"Chip and Jo's clients are looking for a house with a view and plenty of room for their grandchildren; after a frustrating house hunt, Chip and Jo come to the rescue with a creative plan that'll give them the home of their dreams and incredible views."
"A wounded veteran and his girlfriend call on Chip and Jo to help them convert their house in Waco into a dreamy farmhouse. While the land is beautiful and majestic, the house is small and built inside an existing barn."
"Chip and Jo meet up with a friend who is hoping to buy a modern-industrial style loft with a guest bedroom and an office in downtown Waco. After finding the perfect spot, Chip and Jo get to work tackling their first-ever downtown loft apartment."
"After 17 years of working and living abroad in Pakistan, a couple returns home to Waco and enlists Chip and Jo to help renovate an 1890's farmhouse they bought sight unseen. Chip and Jo implement the Moroccan and Scandinavian design styles."
"After hearing Chip's vision for a modern breakfast joint and inspecting an available property, Joanna jumps on board and agrees to help make Chip's dream a reality."
"Musician Mike Herrera and his wife, Holli move from Washington state to Waco, Texas so they can be closer to Holli's family; they need a house with plenty of space for their two children and a large music studio for Mike."